The following sonnet is part of an exchange which went on in the Dogs forum on Compuserve several years ago.

Midge: a female Jack Russell who lives in England.

Kilty: a male who lives somewhere in the US. (California, I think.)
(Both of them have been rather nasty to me. They're having a cyber-affair.)

The Labrador mentioned in the poem is Véronique's dog.
She and I get along. ;->

The sonnet is addressed to Kilty.


Sonnet I

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. May you and Midge
Delight in chilly California wines
And tidbits stolen from a cyber-fridge.
Do frolic on the Net; exchange your sighs
And warp your woofs, your bellies to the sun
Which moves from East to West; and in this wise
Your minds be joined and tender deeds be done.
I stand agog that two (such kindred) souls
Dare brave the Web's ensnaring sticky skean
And prickly skean of Damocles-like roles.
For saner curs the outcome must be pain.
For me no self-deceit, no pointless gab;
I'll take my gambol with my Golden Lab.