Issues of Freedom

Amnesty International: An organization which needs no introduction. If more people joined up, the world would be a better place.

Amnesty in Switzerland/enSuisse: Si vous êtes en Suisse, nous avons besoin de vous.

Death Penalty USA Pages:  An excellent resource.  Very depressing.

Index on Censorship: Without Freedom of Speech, we risk losing our other freedoms.

Reason Magazine: A great libertarian (small "l") magazine. One might not agree with all the articles and ideas, but one is always stimulated.

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Free-speech issues on the Net


Literature Links

Shakespeare: The greatest playwright in any language. (Sophocles is good, too.)

Salman Rushdie: A great author condemned to death by people who didn't read and/or understand his work. His prose plays on the tongue.

R.K. Narayan: This man should have received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Vikram Seth: Poet. Novelist. Poet-novelist.

John Gardner: Tell your favourite author what you think of his work. Before it's too late.

An Index of Poets in Representative Poetry On-line: One-stop poetry shopping

Blake: Can the experienced person be innocent? You bet!.

Hopkins: Language which bubbles and leaps and froths.

Sonnets Galore:  A heroic labour of love.  The only sonnet missing seems to be Shakespeare's latest!


Some Great Software & Shareware sites

Antidote: Logiciel pour ceux qui écrivent en français sans une maîtrise parisienne de la langue.

TypeIt4Me: This and other great shareware programs by Rik

Tex-Edit: A great, versatile, slim word-processing program. And inexpensive at twice the price!

GraphicConverter: If you've got images, you've got to have this!

Support ShareWare. PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE.



AskJeeves: One of my favourite search engines

Dictionaries and Reference: There's even a Slovenian-English Dictionary available here!

Bibliomania: Another place to go for reference works

The Economist: The best news mag around. (And there's never a split infinitive.)

3rd Rock: Good for whatever ails you.

One-eyed Jack's Link of Links: One of Shakespeare's favourites.

Lausanne: A beautiful site for a beautiful city.

Couleur3 (radio): Great programming in Switzerland.

Swiss TV: Award-winning news shows, E.R., NYPD Blue in bi-canal...